jRQL API benefits

Before I can focus on the benefits of the jRQL API I need to explain ow jRQL API is different from usual plug-in development I found on the blogs, forums and on Solution Exchange.

How jRQL API is different from common plug-ins
The several plug-ins I investigated uses the raw RQL commands quite directly from the plug-in. jRQL API differs from this approach very much. jRQL API is rather a platform developing new plug-ins than a ready to use plug-in.

Benefits of jRQL API’s platform approach
From that difference you can benefit from jRQL API in the following ways:

  1. boosts the development of new plug-ins and batch programms through re-use of existing functionality within jRQL API, some plug-in functions are backed completely by jRQL API
  2. no XML request building and response parsing needed; jRQL completely free you from this work
  3. complete infrastructure to handle plug-in parameters
  4. re-use of proven and tested functionality ensures error less plug-ins additionally to the fast development
  5. jRQL API provides high level functions from combining several raw RQLs to walking through all physical pages in your project, your plug-ins will be much richer and more comprehensive
  6. plausibility checks within jRQL API prevents a misusage of RQL command
  7. automatic detection of error situation and raising of exceptions
  8. frees from typical RQL embarrassments, for instance
    ImageCache refresh,
    page element activation for newly created content elements on a content class,
    needed de- and encoding of values, especially HTML text elements,
    always consider returning the content class default values
  9. better performance of plug-ins, because of fully transparent caching
  10. changed RQL commands did not break plug-ins; jRQL API implements every raw RQL command only once, so a RQL command changes are centralized to only one implementation
  11. raw RQL knowledge is not needed, you get even a lot of not documented RQL commands easy to use
  12. best suited for migration and export/import tasks, because of easy to handle access to different projects on same and on different MS installations
  13. fully object oriented with all benefits of this programming style
  14. description for every method and class as javadoc, for instance class Page

To get in touch closer with jRQL I recommend

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