Download jRQL plug-ins setup

The new version 1.1 of the jRQL plug-ins for admins are out now! It offers an automatic setup, making your try much easier, comfortable and without any risk. For all details see the version history.

It’s easy. Download the setup program (62 MB, right click on link and use Save Link as…) to the machine, where your MS is installed and follow these steps:

  1. Rename the downloaded file from *.png to *.exe (need to trick the wordpress size limit)
  2. Log on to Windows with an administrator account
  3. Start the setup program and follow the instructions provided
  4. Start the wizard “Install plug-ins into MS” from created start menu folder “jRQL plug-ins for admins” to install the plug-ins you want into the projects of your choice

The setup program will ask you for

  • the domain name of your MS server
  • the installation folder of your MS server.

To find out where these plug-ins are available together with more details about them read the plug-ins details PDF. You can identify all jRQL plug-ins for admins in all MS menus on the prefix jRQL.

There is even a routine delivered to remove or disable all jRQL plug-ins after your try.

The setup will install

  • Java JDK
  • set the environment variable JAVA_HOME to it
  • Tomcat 6 application server
  • all plug-in files

and connects jRQL to your Management Server (MS) automatically.

Following some images about the main steps of the installation procedure.

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