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Supported structural element types

I want to separate the list of supported structural element types, because some are supported quite comprehensive while other have a more limited support.

Well supported structural element types:

  • List
  • Container

The well supported types List and Container are the main types I use to build new projects. For support of older projects I included Anchor and Frame, what I currently did not use anymore.

Reduced support for the following element types:

  • Anchor Text
  • dynamic Anchor Text
  • Frame

Supported content element types

To get a fast overview what is included in jRQL I started this category reference.

jRQL supports editing of the following content element types:

  • StandardField Text
  • StandardField numeric
  • StandardField Date
  • StandardField user defined
  • HTML Text
  • ASCII Text
  • OptionList
  • Image
  • Media