Plugin Find user group in authorization packages

With this plug-in you can find in which authorization packages a user group is used. The following authorization package types are scanned:

  • authorization packages
  • details authorization packages
  • content class authorization packages
  • project variant authorization packages
  • language variant authorization packages

Global, plug-in and folder authorization packages are not included yet.

This is very helpful when you did not know in detail anymore how the setup was implemented or you are working in a project originally created by another person.  I can imagine, that this plug-in would be helpful for partners for the last mentioned reason.

The MS at least in V9 did not offer this functionality. You have to go through all packages of all types manually, what I felt is not acceptable. Therefore I wrote this plug-in.

Location in SmartTree
You found the plug-in on node Administer Project Settings > Packages.

How it works
In the first screen you get a list of all connected user groups of your current project. You have to select one user group before you can proceed.

Click the button Find authorization packages to start the scanning. After only a short time you get the result.

With this information you can go back into SmartTree to check or change the respective authorization packages directly.

This plug-in can be installed using the combined setup routine for all jRQL API based plug-ins. Follow the instructions in this blog to download the installer and configure the plug-ins you want.

For API developers
The functionality is backed solely by the method Project > collectAuthorizationPackagesContaining().

While in the older plug-ins often the scanning code is implemented within the plug-in itself I extended jRQL instead in the latest plug-ins I wrote. This makes the code more reusable.

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