Plug-in Show all session variables

This plug-in helps you to investigate all MS session variables. You can easily check the complete session if the needed data are already contained.

If you need to grab only the connection information as RQL tag or Java source code, you are better served by the plug-in Show session variables.

This small but fine tool helps you out of the box to search the complete session data for an information you expect there.

This is helpful for RQL and plug-in developers. I used it quite often, when I try to integrate a plug-in into MS SmartTree.

Location in SmartTree
You found the plug-in under Administer Project Structure.

How it works
Immediately after the start you get a quite long list of all current session variables. Please have in mind, that this plug-in is a simple ASP page, means a running Tomcat is not needed to use it.

This plug-in can be installed using the combined setup routine for all jRQL API based plug-ins. Follow the instructions in this blog to download the installer and configure the plug-ins you want.

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