Interactive RQL tool

With this plug-in you can execute RQL commands and explore the response delivered from MS at lowest possible level.  The plug-in preserves your request and responses into a re-start of the tool.

In addition you can have several RQL requests in parallel. You need to select the command you want to execute, so there is still space to comment RQL requests. Use the plug-in Show session variables to get the IODATA tag with your current session.

The tool was not written by me. A consultant from the RedDot service handed it over to me after a RQL training session.

Without this handy plug-in it’s almost impossible to work intensively with RQL. I uses this plug-in intensively, while developing of the jRQL API.

For me it is and was the basis to investigate all RQL commands. I grab quite often undocumented commands from the common log files and uses this tool to test the core command (remove unavailable attributes).

How to start the interactive RQL tool
You found this plug-in not in SmartTree. Instead open the Windows Start Menu and use the provided link “Interactive RQL”.

The URL in the form http://server/cms/ExecuteXml.asp to the Interative RQL tool can be distributed to your local desktop PC too. You don’t have to work on the server machine to use it!

How it works
After start of this tool you get a separated screen. On top an entry box with your latest used RQL requests and below a text are with your latest response.

You need to select the RQL request and click the button above Execute marked XML.

It’s quite handy, that the tool remember your requests and responses so you can even proceed with your work the next day. The most used RQL commands can be collected and stored this way for easy access.

I strongly recommend to use the plug-in Show session variables in addition to get the IODATA tag with your current logonGUID and sessionKEY.

This plug-in can be installed using the combined setup routine for all jRQL API based plug-ins. Follow the instructions in this blog to download the installer and configure the plug-ins you want.

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