Plug-in Show users in user group

With this plug-in you can immediately in SmartTree check, if a user you might have on the phone can access a specific page. You only need to open the authorization package on the page, select the user group within and start this plug-in to see all user within the selected user group.

This plug-in is very handy, because it frees you to switch to the ServerManager module for the simple check, if a user is contained within an user group.

Every person working in support will love this tool, because it speeds up an authorization check dramatically.

Location in SmartTree
You found the plug-in on

  • on every authorization package user group
  • on every detailed authorization package user group

How it works
First open the authorization package (regardless of what type it is) and select the user group. From the menu right start the plug-in and you will get immediately, means without any further clicks needed the result.

You get a table with the user short and full name, the e-mail address and the description. You can immedeately send the author an e-mail from this table.

The plug-in show you the number of users in the group below the table.

This plug-in can be installed using the combined setup routine for all jRQL API based plug-ins. Follow the instructions in this blog to download the installer and configure the plug-ins you want.

For API developers
The functionality is delivered mainly be the method UserGroup > getUsers().

Per row some of the most important user attributes are displayed. If you want to extend the table, check the class User for the attributes available. Maybe some values from your LDAP directory (configurable in or if the user is SiteBuilder.

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