Plug-in Show content class preassignment back reference

With this plug-in you can easily find out where a selected content class is preassigned at other containers or lists.

This plug-in shows for a selected content class all container and list elements where the selected content class is among the list of preassigned content classes.

If you work with content class preassignment, this might be a handy tool for you to check if your preassignment are still correct and consistent with other ones.

Because the MS do not offer such a back reference out of the box, I see a need to write this scanning routine to find all lists or containers where a content class is preassigned.

If I need to change something on the preassignment I used this plug-in’s result as a working list. Copying this list of preassigned to Excel and go through the found elements one by one and correct it.

Location in SmartTree
You found the plug-in under Administer Content Classes > Folder > at every content class.

How it works
First navigate to the content class, whom preassignment you want to check. This plug-ins uses the old name Template instead of content class, because of the time it was written.

The folder and the content class is echoed back to you. Furthermore you can choose what folders you need to scan.

Use <all folders> if you are unsure. If you know, that only a specific folder needs to be scanned, you can select it from the list. This will, of course, speed up the search.

Because this scan can take several time, the plug-in keeps you informed about the progress.

After it finishes the search you get the following result table of all elements having image_block preassigned.

At the bottom you found the total number of elements found. You can use this list as a working list copying it to Excel and go through it one by one.

This plug-in can be installed using the combined setup routine for all jRQL API based plug-ins. Follow the instructions in this blog to download the installer and configure the plug-ins you want.

For API developers
The functionality is mainly backed by the following methods:

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