Plug-in Cancel waiting publishing jobs

With this plug-in you can cancel all waiting jobs in current project in only one step. The running jobs are not canceled.

If the publishing queue is crowded with several waiting jobs behind long running publishing job (with following pages=true) and you need to start very urgent another job, this plug-in helps you to cancel all waiting jobs in only one step.

Using jRQL I often had hundreds of publishing jobs in the queue, which I don’t want to cancel one by one – this plug-in is a complement to the possibility of automatic creation of a lot of publishing jobs, which MS did not address.

Location in SmartTree
This plug-in can be start under Administer Publication > Current Jobs.

See the following screenshot of this plug-in as it appear immediately after starting it.

This plug-in can be installed using the combined setup routine for all jRQL API based plug-ins. Follow the instruction in this blog to download the installer and configure the plug-ins you want.

For API developers
If you need this functionality for several projects you can try the API. With a little loop over the projects you can achieve this quite easy, because the main functions behind this plug-in are delivered by the jRQL API:

  1. Project > getAllWaitingPublishingJobs()
  2. JobQueue > cancelAll()
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