Access only via content class element names

As explained in the getting started post to get a value of a StandardField Text from a page you need to now the name of the corresponding content class element. Times ago a content class was named template and therefore jRQL uses the old names.

What’s the reason for this?

If you have a page with a link (list, container, anchor) you can change the name of that link for the page. After creating a new page every structural element on a page gets the name of the respective content class element.

jRQL has to be independent of this and therefore is rely only on the names of content class elements. This is true even for content elements, like a text element, even you cannot change the name of a text element on a page. This is for consistency only.

Be careful using content class element names directly in your plugins! Even content class elements needs to be renamed from time to time. Therefore I uses parameters for my plugins with all the needed names of content class elements. The special class ScriptParameters is available to support easy access (needs corresponding content classes).

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